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Hidden Treasures In Your Outfit: How To Make A Subtle Difference

All that glitters is not gold. No, it's often the subtle, more hidden details that make the biggest difference. When you're smart, your outfit and personal care is full of hidden treasures. Unnoticeable for most of us, but a real boost for your appearance. For that extra finishing touch that will surprise people the most.
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Never Play It Safe: A Bold Look Behind The Scenes Of TRESANTI

TRESANTI - een merk dat bol staat van de elegante accessoires en stijlvolle herenfashion dat zichzelf voortdurend blijft vernieuwen. Bij Luxury For Men waren we van bij de start razend enthousiast. Met een motto als 'Never play it safe' richten ze zich op de moderne man die zich graag klassevol van de massa onderscheidt. Wij waagden ons aan een blik achter de schermen, want 'playing it safe' staat niet in ons woordenboek...
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The Big Tie Guide: All You Need To Know About This Ultimate Fashion Accessory

The tie - it used to be an obligated ornament for business and party occasions, but nowadays there's more freedom of choice. That's exactly why it returns as the ultimate fashion statement item. Available in multiple widths, materials, colours and patterns it opens a world of possibilities to upgrade your outfit. But you have to know what you're doing. Ruben O, master tailor, tells us all you need to know in this big tie guide.
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