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Watch Kind Of Man Are You?

Our time is now! Our entire lives revolve around time and a sensible use of it. Because time flies by and is very precious. Enough reason to consider a decent watch as a vital part of your daily equipment. We listed 3 of our favorite watch brands. From tough and contemporary to urban chic or classic stylish. Watch kind of man are you?Read More

Luxury Doesn't Have To Be Expensive

Luxury For Men and Lux Sparkling - a match made in heaven. Because we all enjoy a glass of bubbles from time to time. For that extra sparkle in our lives and an instant party mood. And all of that at a very attractive price. Because luxury doesn't have to be expensive!Read More

The 5 Bags Every Man Needs

Bags, not only very practical, but also really stylish. We'll set the real 'man bag' aside. But there are plenty of other bags that should be part of your basic equipment. Discover which 5 bags every man needs.Read More

Why We're Always Late With Gifts

'That birthday party is today?!' When this sentence suddenly pops into your head, it's a guarantee for an immediate adrenaline rush and an increased heart beat... You can easily replace the birthday party by any other occasion to which you're invited and that requires a (small) present for the host. Who prefers to avoid such peaks of stress, would want to have a suitable gift ready at all times. Check out the Emergency Cheque Box!Read More

5 Ingenious Speakeasy Bars

Bars with a mysterious and clandestine touch - the speakeasy bars. Totally legal now, but you still have to try hard to find them and to enter. Such a shame to miss them, because once you're inside you're overwhelmed by their charm and unique atmosphere. We went on a quest to find the 5 most intriguing bars in the world.Read More

Which Beard Style Matches Your Face Shape?

Considering to grow a beard after years of conscientious shaving? Don't rush it and make an informed decision that takes your face shape into account. As there are different body types, there also are different face shapes. Curious which beard type matches your face shape? We did some research!Read More

The Most Innovating Travel Destinations For 2018!

Already decided about your travel destination for this year? Or still looking for inspiration? In both cases you will love to clear some space in your agenda and budget because these destinations are true must-visits! Innovating and fairly virgin pearls. If you're looking for something different than Ibiza or Crete for a change...Read More

All You Didn't Know About Whiskey, Bourbon, Brandy And Cognac

Was it whiskey, bourbon, brandy or cognac? Often we're not fully aware of what we're drinking. When you know how many years of craftsmanship it took to create them, that's quite a shame. Time to create a change. All you didn't know about these spirits. For that genuine 'ah, so that's the difference' experience!Read More

This Is How You Make A Tasteful Alcohol-Free Cocktail

February - the month of love, the first spring vibes and carnaval mania. But in Belgium also known as the month without alcohol, or Tournée Minérale. Carnaval and a month without alcohol... a funny combination perhaps. But with a number of extremely tasteful alcohol-free cocktail recipes it shouldn't be a problem. Cheers!Read More

Mr Silis Launches New Bracelet Collection

Bracelets for men, it used to be unthinkable for most of us - now it's one of the basic accessories for the modern man. Mr Silis reacts to that need with its collection of high-quality, easy to wear bracelets. By launching a few new models they show that Mr Silis isn't at the end of its rope yet. And you could take that quite literally.Read More
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