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Discover Our 5 Most Read Blog Posts Of 2017

A new year is like a new beginning and we all like to start it with a clean slate. It's likely that's the reason we like making lists on times like this. From the most beautiful hits or the most sympathetic media figure to the most memorable events. You name it and there's a list of it. At Luxury For Men we also like a clear structure. That's why you should discover our list of the most read blog posts of 2017!Read More

The 4 Ultimate Destinations For New Years Eve

New Years Eve - you love it or you hate it... More and more people choose to avoid the fuss and head for other, sometimes more exotic destinations. Whether you're looking for some sun or simply want to spend your new years eve in a different way, there's no lack of destinations. We selected 4 unique locations that will guarantee an unforgettable and innovating start of the new year!Read More

The Perfect Bracelet For Each Type Of Man

Every man has his own personality, interests and style. Nowadays there are plenty of possibilities to express what makes you unique and stand out from the crowd. The perfectionists among us pay attention to the smallest details. There even is a perfect bracelet for each type of man. We matched 3 style types with their perfect bracelets. Which type are you?Read More

Sparkling Wine & Limoncello: A Match Made In Heaven!

Looking for an original and surprising aperitif for your next party? With a hint of limoncello the usual sparkling wine is taken to a completely different level! Sweet, sour and fresh - a true celebration for your tasting buds and a worthy starter for your festive night. We took the test!Read More

This Is How You Throw An Unforgettable Party!

December, for most of us a month of parties and dinners with friends and family. Whether it's your turn in the yearly rotating system amongst friends, or you're volunteering to host the party at your place, sooner or later you'll have the honour to gather a handful of guests around your dinner table and give them a night to remember. You'll have to create the right atmosphere yourself, but the right tools and attributes will give your party that little bit extra. This is how you will impress your guests!Read More

Find The Perfect Gift For A Man!

The quest for the perfect Christmas gift for those you love has begun. Preferably perfectly matched with the personality and interests of the lucky receiver to create a sincere feeling of joy once they open your carefully chosen gift. Are you still looking for that one unique gift for a man, but don't know where to start? We love to help you out with this gift finder. Luxury For Men at your service!Read More

Move Over Mr Grey - Here Comes Owen Smith!

True, 50 Shades Of Grey probably gave you a blush, but time has come to really nail your colours to the mast! We'll leave the brightly coloured suits to the boybands, but brightening up your outfit with a colourful, but stylish accent shows personality and an eye for detail. Classy with a playful twist. So move over Mr Grey, cause here comes Owen Smith!Read More

10 Tips For The Perfect Old School Shave

Now everything evolves faster and faster and society takes us along at the speed of light, we are longing for moments of rest and want to pay attention to the pure, artisanal and authentic things around us. More and more men go back to the shaving of our grandfathers and a frequent visit to the barber belongs to their grooming rituals again. But with these 10 tips for the perfect old-school shave you can also experience that feeling of an authentic shave in your own bathroom!Read More

3 Trends - 3 Ingenious Gifts For Men!

What can you add to your wish list when you already have all you need? Or maybe you've got the honour to look for a nice and original gift for a man that can't think of anything else than a gift voucher of the local multimedia shop? Whether you're looking for some gift inspiration for yourself or for somebody else, Luxury For Men comes to the rescue! We selected 3 trends and linked them to 3 ingenious gifts for men! For a gift that will make us/them really happy!Read More

The Most (Heart-)Warming Winter Drinks

Now the nights are getting longer and darker and we can surely use some wintery cosiness. Nothing better than an enjoyable, (heart-)warming drink to create the right atmosphere and strengthen your inner being. Be surprised by these easy-to-prepare recipes and get that après-ski feeling into your living room!Read More
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