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OFYR - The New Outdoor Cooking

Ah, the barbecue - a guarantee for too much, delicious food and long summer evenings. Unfortunately, it's also a guarantee for charcoal that doesn't want to burn, vegetables that fall between the grill and disappear into the flames and blackened meat. With OFYR a whole new world of outdoor cooking opens leaving all these inconveniences behind. We searched and found a tasteful OFYR recipe - the crème de la crème!Read More

Barbecue And Wine: 4 Do's & Don'ts

A barbecue often reminds us of a fresh pint of beer. But the right wines can give your barbecue a tasteful upgrade as well. Wine connoisseur and curator Valeer Verlinden from Our Daily Bottle shares his four barbecue and wine tips. Enjoy!Read More

This Is What You Need For A Memorable Outdoor Party

The weather is fine, the sun is shining and the temperature is rising: it's time to go out again. Plenty of reason for a magnificent outdoor party. We collected the best tips and tricks to reach that instant holiday spirit that will last for days. In short, this is what you need for a memorable outdoor party...Read More

The New Power Duo: BVLLIN And Luxury For Men Join Forces

Luxury For Men and BVLLIN, 2 brands that focus on ambitious bon vivants who like smart luxury. Because of the perfect match of their vision and brand experience, they are now joining forces to conquer the world together. For hard working ballers that also know how to play hard!Read More

The Wedding Style Guide

Being invited to a wedding party is quite an honor. The happy couple wants you to join them in celebrating one of the biggest moments of their life. The least you can do, is dress to the occasion. But what to wear when the wedding party is less average than you’re used to and your beloved suit and tie just won’t do the trick. Luxury For Men gladly provides you with the right amount of inspiration!Read More

Young And Ambitious: Meet The Men Behind Black & Gold

People with a passion who chase their dreams and don't let anyone limit their ambitions. At Luxury For Men we love to be inspired by them. What motivates 2 young friends to start their own business and how to they keep their balance? We paid the men behind the Black & Gold fashion label a visit to get an answer to these (and plenty more) questions.Read More

How To Make Your Wedding Squad Look Awesome

Getting married? Time to gather your squad and dress up for the occasion! Create that sense of unity and match your clothes and accessories for a strong and powerful collective look. In need of some inspiration? Discover our ultimate accessory combinations.Read More

How To Become A Wine Tasting Expert In 6 Steps!

Indulge your senses with a fine glass of wine. We don't depend on our senses the same way than we used to do anymore. And without training our senses lose their power. If you want to distinguish all different flavors and scents when you take a sip of your wine, you will have to change your habits. This is how you become a wine tasting expert in 6 steps! A guest blog by Valeer Verlinden, founder of Our Daily Bottle and curator of the most exclusive and finest wines!Read More

This Is How You Tie A Tie!

Many men find it difficult to tie a tie. But as a modern man you want to be independent and able to give your tie a stylish knot when that one perfect knot that you carefully preserved for many years finally threatens to loose its shape. Be a man and handle it! This is how you tie a tie!Read More

When To Wear A Bow Tie?

The bow tie- from a corny or nerdy accessory to a stylish, trendy eye-catcher for the modern gentleman. A bow tie adds a unique and original touch to your outfit. For those in doubt, we posed this one important question: when does one wear a bow tie?Read More
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