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Back To The Good Old Days With These Four All-Time Classics

Things used to be better. We all know that nostalgic feeling every now and then. Today, it seems as if many products are of inferior quality. Produced as cheap as possible and ready for mass consumption. While back in the old days sustainability and quality was mainstream. Things you bought back then lasted for years or even an entire life. However, when a man respects himself, he has to respect the past.

When you work towards the future, you have to respect the past.

Luckily, everything comes back sooner or later and our love for all-time classics and a timeless style has grown again. Elements with a nod to the past that give our outfit that classic, elegant touch. So step into that virtual time machine to a time where everything just seemed that tiny bit cooler.

Bow chicawowow - The bow tie

One of the most timeless accessories that ever existed is the bow tie. It’s the ultimate highway to standing out from the crowd. When you wear one of these beautiful butterfly-ish pieces of silk or wool, you will surely be turning heads, whether it’s a party, an award show or your local bingo night. There’s an amazing assortment of different patterns and colours so there’s a perfect bowtie for every outfit and for every type of occasion.

Surrender to suspenders - Suspenders

Suspenders are that little piece of clothing that will give your outfit that immediate old school coolvibe. Not only does it make you look as if you jumped right out of a 50’s detective movie, it also helps you maintain a good posture. Why would this be important for the modern man you ask? Because a good stance and posture reflect a proper state of mind. And a proper state of mind gets the job done.

Achoo - The handkerchief

A man sneezes an average of 12 000 times a year. Is this a made-up statistic? Well, yes it is. We won’t lie about it. But what isn’t made up is the fact that when a man sneezes, he looks better doing so inside of a Huff & Puff handkerchief. These colourful handkerchiefs are the perfect gift for the hygiene conscious man that loves to sneeze in style.

Button up - Cufflinks

An accessory with a twenties vibe that has been adding some glamour to a man’s shirt for decades. It used to be a bit old-fashioned and only meant for strictly formal or business occasions. But it has evolved into a true fashion item. They exist in numerous finishes and materials. From a luxuriously chic style element to a funny and original detail in a sleek outfit.