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Make A Stylish Statement With A Summer Scarf

Creating your own style and standing out from the crowd isn’t always easy. The search for the right accessories to brighten up your outfit can be a real challenge. Sometimes you simply have to drop the functional aspect and choose for the esthetic aspect. A scarf however can have both… 

To scarf or not to scarf?

Especially during winter you will wear a scarf simply because it protects you against the cold. But the European weather can have its grey moments even during summer and then a summer scarf can keep you warm. But besides the functional aspect, a scarf also adds a colourful and je ne sais quoi touch to your outfit. Comparable to wearing a tie, you don’t need a specific occasion to wear a summer scarf. There are plenty of variaties available in all types of fabrics and colours that can be combined in both dressed up and casual looks.

Stylish Statement Summer Scarf

Combine and experiment with colour

Summer always brings a range of bright colours and prints. That also goes for scarves. You can let your excentric fashion heart speak out and go for eye-catching prints and colours to make a statement. Follow the latest fashion trends or choose some timeless and stylish prints like stripes or polkadots. Modest gentlemen who like simplicity can choose for interesting materials and structures. But always make sure your scarf harmonises with your outfit. Repeat some colours from your outfit in your scarf and let the scarf be the finishing touch of your look. Combine, experiment and don’t be shy! 

Stylish Statement Summer Scarf

How to wear a summer scarf

But how do you wear a summer scarf? Are there multiple ways to wear a scarf? The answer is YES. There are numerous options but we’ll show you 4 of them. We already showed you how to tie a scarf, so get ready to be inspired to use this knowledge during spring, summer and even autumn season as well! Knowledge is power! 

Parisian Knot

One of the best known and most loved ways to wear a scarf is the Parisian Knot. This no-nonsense way to tie a scarf is extremely easy. The ends can have the same length, but it’s no must. Play with your style and adapt at wish. 

Stylish Statement Summer Scarf - Parisian Knot

Ascot Knot

Stylish and sophisticated. It spices up your outfit and can be seen as an alternative for a tie. You’re always on point – whether you choose a casual or a classy look. You can tie it all the way up or leave some space between the knot and your throat. Choose a fine fabric and avoid a wide or very long scarf if you don’t want the fabric to pile up. 

Stylish Statement Summer Scarf - Ascot Knot

Drape it

The easiest way to wear a scarf and easily combined with multiple styles and looks. Drape the scarf around your neck and wear it underneath your blazer if you close it. Once you take off your blazer, you better take off the scarf as well. 

Stylish Statement Summer Scarf - Drape It

Once Around Knot

A nonchalant styling that says ‘too cool to care’. This way of draping a scarf is quite popular and often seen on the streets. Make sure the ends of the scarf aren’t both as long. Drape it like you just don’t care… 

Stylish Statement Summer Scarf - Once Around